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Ben and Ellen Martens have been raising purebred Charolais cattle since 1989. The focus has consistently been on breeding for the following traits:

  • Thick, growthy calves
  • Strong maternal females
  • Calving ease
  • Sound feet and frame
  • Quiet temperament

All bulls and replacement females are sold off the farm by private treaty.


2021 Bulls for Sale

 SireDamBirthdateBirth Weight (lbs)CECCalving Ease
Birth Weight
Weaning Weight
Yearling Weight
Maternal EPD
BEM 8HBEM Roundeasy 55CBEM Rome 46F24 Jan 2010027.6-1.437802038
BEM 10HSCX Triumph 50BBEM 24U25 Jan 208427.1-1.9541052249
BEM 11HSCX Triumph 50BBEM Specialist 11Y26 Jan 2010315.60.252951541
BEM 13HJWX Silver Bullet 524WBEM Specialist 16A27 Jan 2010615.71.636831937
BEM 17HJWX Silver Bullet 524WBEM Specialist 53X29 Jan 2010314.32.044952143
BEM 19HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Roundup 47C30 Jan 209417.0-0.93885928
BEM 20HJWX Silver Bullet 524WBEM Nobleman Bravo 42W30 Jan 2011015.70.940932646
BEM 28HBEM Roundeasy 55CBEM Rome 65F2 Feb 2027.5-1.936782038
BEM 36HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Suzanne 54C3 Feb 208817.30.437891231
BEM 44HPCC Rome 437BBEM Bullet 6B6 Feb 2011214.33.039852746
BEM 45HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Dateline 59Y6 Feb 2010316.21.344931537
BEM 49HBEM Roundeasy 55CBEM Downtown 47F8 Feb 2010324.8-0.647971640
BEM 50HM6 Grid Maker 104 PETBEM Dateline 69Z8 Feb 2010816.51.740842848
BEM 55HSCX Triumph 50BBEM Bullet 78E8 Feb 2010615.80.2521041541
BEM 57HSCX Triumph 50BBEM Velocity 17E9 Feb 209715.50.4561011543
BEM 59HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Mist 12X9 Feb 2010728.2-0.343931435
BEM 62HBEM Roundeasy 55CBEM Bullet 105F10 Feb 209818.4-2.337861938
BEM 65HBEM Roundeasy 55CBEM Bullet 86F11 Feb 2010034.0-0.141901637
BEM 69HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Dateline 34B14 Feb 20116110.00.239851433
BEM 76HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Bullet 23C16 Feb 2010318.50.235841331
BEM 77HJWX Estrada 114EBEM SDGE Bronson 56U16 Feb 2012013.72.451952651
BEM 84HM6 Grid Maker 104 PETBEM Bullet 107C20 Feb 209814.21.243953152
BEM 89HJWX Silver Bullet 524WBEM Velocity 51E22 Feb 2011012.12.742921941
BEM 97HSOS Hooey Pld 127DBEM Marshall 50A27 Feb 209118.2-0.337821230
BEM 98HJWX Estrada 114EBEM White Perfect 52R28 Feb 209019.0-2.140711838
BEM 119HBEM Roundup 30CBEM Dateline 25A13 March 2010018.6-2.341761636
BEM 138HBEM Roundup 30CBEM Specialist 90A25 March 209815.80.243781436
BEM 3GKAYR Velocity 812ZBEM Bullet 62D23 Jan 199317.9-0.943842445
BEM 38GBEM Roundeasy 55CBEM Specialist 66E6 Feb 199921.90.645911639
BEM 55GHBSF Specialist 108UBEM Dateline 22A10 Feb 1910215.62.344801941
BEM 73GJWX Estrada 114EBEM Dateline 6A16 Feb 1911116.32.4
We are proud to be registered producers of the Verified Beef Production Plus Program. Please follow the link for more information.

Verified Beef Production Plus Program


Stay tuned! Information about our purebred Charolais females is coming soon.