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Ben and Ellen Martens have been raising purebred Charolais cattle since 1989. The focus has consistently been on breeding for the following traits:

  • Thick, growthy calves
  • Strong maternal females
  • Calving ease
  • Sound feet and frame
  • Quiet temperament

All bulls and replacement females are sold off the farm by private treaty.


Yearling Bulls for Sale - 2023 (ALL SOLD)

Yearling PhotoTag No.NameSireDamBD (2022)BW (lbs)CEWW (8 Nov 2022)YW (11 April 2023)CE EPDBW EPDWW EPDYW EPDMilk
Maternal EPDScrotal Circumference
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.11KBEM 11KSCX Triumph 2135ZBEM Specialist 53X30 Jan109190813202.52.357.5108.917.746.539
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.28KBEM 28KHBSF Specialist 108UBEM Dateline 29Y5 Feb113179812053.13.143.580.719.441.238
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.48KBEM 48KBEM Specialist 48XBEM Dateline 92Z11 Feb105176811956.9-0.836.876.020.038.436
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.52KBEM 52KJWX Downhome 6DBEM Rome 72F12 Feb113188613452.11.849.388.924.949.639
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.53KBEM 53KJWX Silver Bullet 524WBEM Specialist 36E13 Feb115184412252.52.644.194.021.944.040
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.54KBEM 54KBEM Highwayman 11HBEM Gridmaker 11G13 Feb113188212654.11.248.492.822.446.638
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.96KBEM 96KLCY Gameday 45GBEM Dateline 34B12 March102179011459.4-0.645.094.522.845.335

2 YO Bulls for Sale - 2023 (Updated 2 Aug, 2023) - Using the bar at the bottom of the table, scroll to the right to see the EPDs

Yearling PhotoTag No.NameSireDamBD (2021)BW (lbs)CEWW (11/16/21)YW (4/21/22)Homozygous Polled (PP) or Heterozygous Polled (HP)CE EPDBW EPDWW EPDYW EPDMilk
Maternal EPD
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.26JBEM TRIUMPH 26JSCX Triumph 50BBEM Velocity 17E02/02/20218341500PP-0.11.969.012712.046.0
Placeholder ImageClick image to enlarge.48JBEM DOWNHOME 48JJWX Downhome 6DBEM Bullet 135C02/08/2021107110251605PP-8.14.7621041748
11HBEM 11HSCX Triumph 50BBEM Specialist 11Y01/26/20201031812 (10/27/20)1200 (4/1/21)4-0.1561061442
We are proud to be registered producers of the Verified Beef Production Plus Program. Please follow the link for more information.

Verified Beef Production Plus Program


Stay tuned! Information about our purebred Charolais females is coming soon.