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Ben and Ellen Martens, together with their kids, Clare and Simon, and Jill are Martens Charolais & Seed.

Ben Martens is a life-long farmer and learner. He began his farming career with his family as a teenager. As a young farmer, Ben studied diesel mechanics in the winters. Ben’s favorite things about the farm are harvest time, moving cattle out to pasture and meeting new people from across the Agriculture industry. Ben currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers.

Ellen Martens (BSW, MA) shares her time between the farm and her counselling practice. Ellen is an avid reader, writer and lover of the outdoors. She can often be found out for a hike or xcountry ski. Ben and Ellen are also proud grandparents of four grandkids.

About Martens Charolais & Seed
Jill and Ben Martens
Clarice Martens (BSc Agriculture) moved back to Boissevain to work on the farm in 2018 after graduating from the University of Manitoba.

Jill Martens (Ag Dip) returned to the farm in 2020 after graduating from the University of Manitoba.

Simon Dueck (Masters of Natural Resource Management) is our latest addition. Originally from Winnipeg, he is a quick study when it comes to all things farming.

At Martens Charolais and Seed, we believe that even with 40+ years of farming experience, there is always more to learn. We are committed to growing the highest quality products for our customers while investing in the health of our family, our community and our environment.

Clarice and Jill Martens
Jill and Clare Martens